Puritans and Preaching

Reading an article on Puritanism reminded me once again of their high view of Scripture and the need for today’s church to renew its esteem for the same. The puritans were highly educated men intimately acquainted with the Word.  “They did not just study it, rather, it became part of them.” They knew God’s word to be inexhaustible, and viewed the task of preaching as drawing water from a bottomless well.

A typical puritan sermon outline:

” 1) To read the text from the Bible and then expound on the plain meaning from the text;

2) To note and discuss a few key points of doctrine from the text; and

3) to apply those doctrines to the life of the believer.”

“The Puritan’s deep Biblical wisdom overflows from a disciplined study of the Bible and their keen ability to adapt that theology in application to the life of the believer”. May God raise up such men in today’s generation who are capable of the same kind of disciplined study in combination with the love for God and His people.

A resource from Tony Reinke with the aim of equipping preachers with puritan literature promises to be helpful.


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